A Portfolio For Women?

While media business types — us included — feign clamor over the 2007 launch Condé Nast’s Portfolio, smaller business magazines continue to launch ahead of it, in an effort to tap what their executives say are untapped niches of the bizosphere. The latest: Shattered, the “first global business magazine for and about women.” Setting aside Bee for a second, Shattered presents us with another enticing opportunity to declare biz media big, not just the kind for women. As Dealbreaker points out, it seems like a small business media bubble is forming.

For its part, Shattered promises “substantative, hard-hitting content they’ve come to expect from magazines like BusinessWeek, Forbes and Fortune — only from a women’s perspective.”

Another puzzling part of the launch: the debut issue’s cover features Nicola Horlick, CEO of Bramdean Asset Management. Horlick is also listed as an editorial contributor.

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