A Pirate Swing Band and Profiting From the Rapture

BOOK EXPO America: Intro – Friday, May 30th from RedFence on Vimeo.

The video is from blogger John Fox at his site BookFox.

While USA Today was reporting on the ‘star-crossed’ event covering all the ‘notables’ (Prince, Alec Baldwin and the Olsen Twins) we bring you all the weird stuff that’s left:

There was a pirate swing band promoting L Ron Hubbard books. We offer that its weird to have a pirate swing band promote ANY book besides a book about other pirate swing bands. Anyway, L Ron has another new release?! Since he died in 1986 – that makes him an amazing author indeed. There was such a big Scientology presence at BEA that saying,”Let’s meet near the L Ron display.” Became like saying,”Lets meet at the Starbucks on Ventura.”

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