A Penguin in Politico’s Lobby?

Politico Deputy Politics Editor Sara Libby is reporting over Twitter that there’s a penguin in Politico‘s lobby. “OMG this is happening, there’s an actual penguin the lobby,” she wrote.

Her first remark: “AHHHHHH”

UPDATE: And the accusations and new Twitter handles are already flying. After Politco‘s Byron Tau (we believe jokingly) tweeted his suspect list — Alex Guillen and Jennifer Epstein — Epstein writes, “Apparently I am being accused of being @politicopenguin &, tho I wrote a book about penguins in 1st grade, I am not behind this.”

Will VandeHarris intervene? Only time will tell. As many know, @FakeJimVandeHei has disappeared without a trace. Hopefully the penguin won’t suffer the same fate.

UPDATE #2: It seems @politicopenguin the twitter handle is getting rather mouth. He (we assume it’s a he but have zero proof) writes, “Wow, these @Politico folks really like me. Any chance I can get a gig blogging Antarctic politics, or at least getting @BenPolitico coffee?” He adds, “While I’m in town, are there any White House State Dinners I can crash? I’m already dressed for the occasion.” He also makes demands: “Any chance I can get a shout-out in PlayBook, @MikeAllen? When I get home, I’m expecting to sit on an egg for a couple of months.”

UPDATE #3: For those asking, the penguin was in Politico‘s lobby because it was going to be a guest on NewsChannel8’s “Let’s talk live” TV show.