A Peek at the Construction for the Shanghai World Expo

International attention-wise, far more exciting to us this year than any old snowy sporting contests, is the upcoming Shanghai World Expo. Just thinking about dozens upon dozens of countries trying to outdo each other with nifty architecture is like Brain Christmas to us (we don’t know what “Brain Christmas” means either, but it sounds like a positive thing, right?). Moving Cities has an amazing, three part look at a whole batch of the buildings. It’s still early in the process, so there’s still loads of construction left, but it’s a great peek at how great all of this is going to be in late October when the Expo kicks off. Our favorites thus far are Luxembourg, Australia, and China, but Moving Cities warns us to not start making top picks this soon:

As for now, it is too early to make an assessment of the architecture of the national and thematic pavilions as these are in different stages of development: some are nearly done, some will change their appearance after membranes are put on place, others are still hiding behind a screen of scaffolding. So, before one can see how renderings match reality, we are intrigued by the momentary impression, the in-between state of architecture when structures are uninhabited and unprogrammed. While territorial architectural tensions thicken the expo-air, we stayed afloat in a pure mess of materials, steel, concrete and paint.