A note on the Anonymous Tips Box

Everybody needs helpers!.gifGentle readers, we are pleased to offer you complete anonymity via our Anonymous Tips Box, just a little bit down and to the right, voil&#224 and like so. Please note that complete anonymity means just that: we have no clue who you are…and no way to get in touch with you to ask follow-up questions! Some of your tips are great, and some we can’t touch with a ten-foot pole unless we can verify the intel. So here’s a tip back: if you email us directly – any of us, me, Elizabeth, even the elusive and mysterious Christian — you will still be guaranteed complete anonymity. We’re good that way. But just as important, we’ll be able to follow up on your excellent, excellent tips.

If you’re just looking to send us anonymous notes of devotion and admiration, however, we understand. We’re shy, too.