A Newsman in the Making: Bret Baier’s Son

We’re on a vicious crusade to get FNC’s Bret Baier’s seriously cute son, Paul, to moderate Thursday’s debate in Ames, Iowa. We know Bret’s on deck to do it. We also know Paul may not exactly be qualified — as in he doesn’t exactly have a lot of air time under his belt, it’s not evident he knows the phrase “fair and balanced” and he likely has an early bedtime — but he’s got the suit, the tie, the curls and really complex robot questions. His mind is still pure and unpolluted, he’s undecided about clowns and he has no thoughts of one day knocking fellow nepotist Luke Russert from his perch. His adorable factor would completely throw the candidates into a sense of false security.

Roger Ailes, are you listening?

Watch his demo here.