A New Twist to Groups

Top Groups ScreenshotHave you joined so many groups that it is hard to sort through them from your profile? Thanks to the new Top Groups application visitors to your profile can now have a cleaner way of viewing your most important groups. The Top Groups application has a clean profile design and a friendly interface for modifying what groups display on your profile. When I was using the application I immediately found a bug while trying to modify my groups. By default there are specific groups that are already checked but not displayed in your top groups. When you go to uncheck ones that you don’t want, instead of removing the groups they ended up being added to my Top Groups. I’m not quite sure why that was happening but it was the only bug that happened. Aside from that everything worked well. This application is extremely simple but provides a much nicer interface for users to view what groups you feel most connected to. It would be awesome if you could remove the original groups box on your profile and replace it with this one. Unfortunately Facebook requires that you keep this module on your profile. Hopefully this will change soon. If you want to show off your favorite groups on your profile, go grab the Top Groups application.

Steve, the developer of the application, contacted me to notify me that the bug I mentioned has been resolved. Additionally, I was mistaken when I said that you can’t remove Facebook’s groups box from your profile. Simply click the “X” in your profile and click the button that says “Remove Box.” This is an awesome substitute for the existing groups application built by Facebook!