A New Pritzker Prize Recipient, This Sunday

You can take your fancy Oscars, your Emmys, or your ho-hum Kid’s Choice Awards. To us, the most important award of the season doesn’t happen until this Sunday, when this year’s Pritzker Prize winner is announced. Arguably the most important architecture award there is, since its foundation in 1979 (which Philip Johnson won) it has turned celebrated architects into starchitects. So who will replace last year’s winner, Peter Zumthor, as the newest addition into this family of legendary builders? We recommend checking in with the Tribune‘s Blair Kamin, who will be “posting a story about the announcement on Sunday at 1 p.m.Central Daylight Time” (that’s about as close to live blogging the Pritzker ceremony as has have been, we’d guess). Our shot in the dark at who might win is kind of a safe bet: local boy Adrian Smith. Given his legacy and the recent opening of his Burj Khalifa, he seems like he’s destine to land the prize at some point. Our wildcard pick is SANAA‘s Kazuyo Sejima, if just because 2009 seemed to be her year and Zaha Hadid is probably getting lonely up there being the only woman to have ever been awarded the Prtizker. Your guesses?