A New Facebook Ad Network For Everybody

Today I am happy to announce a new program called Pay Per Profile. I have been working on the project for the past six months with a team of developers some of which have substantial influence on Facebook. It’s a new ad network which institutes an individual CPM. The concept is that everybody on Facebook should be paid for their influence. If you have 5,000 friends, odds are you have more people viewing your profile on a daily basis then those with 50 friends.

We have come up with an effective algorithm that ties directly in to the Friends for Sale application. We determine your approximate value based on a number of factors including your Friends for Sale bid, the number of friends you have and your total number of wall posts. These numbers (as well as a few proprietary calculations) are used to determine your relative “influence factor.”

Once we have determined your influence factor, you can display ads on any website you own and get paid what you really are worth. No more $.50 CPMs from Google Ads! If you have 2,000 friends you are definitely worth more and should get paid for it. The system is currently in beta but you can view more details in the coming days at PayPerProfile.com (site launching later this week). We will also be providing a set of other calculations that users of this system are sure to find useful such as:

  • Relationship value calculator – we determine the approximate value of your relationships
  • Buy a friend program – If you don’t have enough friends on Facebook we’ll sell them to you. Each friend will be purchased for real dollars and automatically calculated based on our proprietary “influence factor.”
  • Secondary friendship market – Mad at your friends? Sell your relationship to other people!

We will be announcing more features in the coming days so stay tuned! If you want more details immediately you can go follow me on Twitter and @ message me. I’ll send you more details!