A New Chatroulette Competitor Appears on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This week’s AppData list of emerging apps on Facebook, defined as those still under a million monthly active users, has some interesting apps, but the top slots are all held by games:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_138575656172984_7917 Madden NFL Superstars946,835+541,879+134%
2.App_2_144320435592910_7250 Critter Island976,255+324,537+50%
3.Original Ranch Town798,462+274,016+52%
4.App_2_117771671605440_4 La Tomatina362,796+227,923+169%
5.App_2_142877915739601_1727 Green Farm219,596+195,078+796%
6.Original i Like Slots511,004+190,368+59%
7.App_2_120495504667538_5948 People Roulette185,432+185,411+882,910%
8.App_2_149314558413832_1420 小小戰爭550,530+181,595+49%
9.App_2_150787614949180_7705 Candy Shop376,427+169,956+82%
10.App_2_2328614625_9739 Veoh Videos364,576+166,776+84%
11.Original Who Loves You Today?688,585+162,169+31%
12.App_2_36706751821_9203 FantaBook593,890+161,967+37%
13.App_2_147158128657168_7256 قارئ افكار الاصدقاء182,747+155,676+575%
14.App_2_44856213161_1533 Cupcake Corner366,505+155,329+74%
15.App_2_112594238780474_8273 Robot Unicorn Attack336,398+149,092+80%
16.Original Warstorm413,619+148,826+56%
17.App_2_144448922260339_1126 Chucke la taupe371,303+143,018+63%
18.Original Bubble Town: Party Planet869,627+142,249+20%
19.Original Who Missed You today?598,022+137,098+30%
20.Original Kad Raya762,483+128,091+20%

Madden NFL Superstars is the leader with over half a million new monthly active users. This game is a big deal for Electronic Arts, which has built its business on a handful of franchises like Madden. So far, the Facebook version is doing well, if not outstandingly so.

Critter Island, Ranch Town and some of the other games are also interesting; we’ll cover those in more depth over at Inside Social Games.

The first non-game app is i Like Slots, although it’s certainly game-like. This “game” is too simplistic to really qualify, though, with a three-button slot mechanism that offers wins to new players with suspicious frequency (and asks for a wall post with each one).

People Roulette is likely named after Chatroulette, the now-famous video chat app that matches random strangers. This does the same thing, except with Facebook users. People Roulette has some distance to go before it can catch vChatter, another recent take on the idea.

Veoh Videos doesn’t need much explanation: it helps users add video to their walls from Veoh, the popular video site. The app has been around for some time, but only began growin in earnest a couple weeks ago.

Finally, Who Loves You Today? and Who Missed You today? both take the same tack, reminding users of a random friend.