A Murder at Teany, and only blogs have the story

Suddenly there is only one story I care about right now: the fatal
stabbing of someone outside Teany at 9 a.m., which is around the corner from me and about a gazillion other people, many of whom I care about a whole lot. Gawker broke the story, complete with pics, and brought the sad update. I have been returning to Gawker like a tic, in between checking the NYT, NY Post and NYDaily News sites for breaking news. So far, nothing. Gothamist has it, and Ultragrrl has a sad and thoughtful post as well. It might be because the police haven’t released any news just yet but that isn’t the only news around: now is the time for tips to come in about similar experiences &#151 muggings, threatening incidents, etc. According to Gawker they are looking for witnesses; clearly they don’t have a perpetrator. Which means that any information we all pull together can help catch the person who did this. This is a moment when I appreciate how amazing and important blogs are: bringing people information as soon as things happen, and helping to collect it will shape the way things happen going forward.

<a href="Correction: Apparently Ultragrrl broke the story. Sorry!