A Moody Facebook

Moodsic IconApparently people on Facebook are pretty emotional. One of the most popular applications on Facebook currently is a Moods application by Kun Gao, Vu Nguyen and Jeff Marshall. Even Aryeh Goldsmith, one of the Facebook developers that I’ve previously featured, is getting in on the mood swing with his Moodster application. The coolest one that I have found so far though is Moodsic. Moodsic places your emotion on your profile for the world to see and also plays music to match your mood. Moodsic seems to be powered by Finetune which according to Mashable also added a Google widget today. When I added the application, I said that I’m “Very Excited” and it played a track by Green Day called “Ha Ha You’re Dead”. Maybe it wasn’t the best selection of a track, but hey we’re not all perfect. It also may have had something to do with my selection of emotion. There are hundreds of emotions to pick from so this made it somewhat challenging. Either way, this is a pretty cool application to play around with so go add the application, select your emotion, and listen to your Moodsic.