A Moment at David Bradley’s House

FBDC just finished up at The Atlantic/NJ cocktail party at Atlantic Media owner David Bradley’s home in D.C. where we ran into Georgetown University professor and MSNBC contributor Eric Dyson.

Dyson, pictured to the right with his wife, Marcia, a writer and ordained minister, said he’s definitely going to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday, but he didn’t seem sure who he’s sitting with or exactly how the hell he got into one of D.C.’s premier events.

“I think MSNBC got me the hookup there,” he said. “They give out these tickets so you never know with who or where you’re going to sit.”

Guests usually sit at the tables of the publication that invited them.

Dyson, who is also a regular panelist on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” tells us he recently finished up another HBO special with professional boxer Floyd Mayweather called “Speaking Out” (yes, he also talks about sports).

As an aside: We spotted this decorative chair sitting next to a baby grand piano at Bradley’s house that looked too delicate to sit in and like it probably costs more to reupholster than one month’s rent of my apartment.