A Modest Suggestion For Improving App Discovery on The Charts From Hong Kong’s Animoca

Hong Kong’s Animoca, which makes hits like Pretty Pet Salon, has a modest suggestion for Google and Apple that might boost app discovery.

When consumers browse the charts, Animoca says the stores should hide apps that users already have downloaded from the rankings. That will give more precious screen real estate to apps that consumers haven’t had the chance to try out.

Since many iPhone and Android owners browse the top-rankings to find new or popular apps, getting a space there can translate into tens or hundreds of thousands of more downloads per day. Animoca, which recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding from IDG-Accel and Intel Capital, says downloads usually triple if one of its apps reaches the first page of the rankings.

Animoca says that Apple and Google already track which apps users have installed, so it shouldn’t be a difficult feature for them to add. They can also provide an option to let users see their installed apps in the rankings again.

The importance of having a high chart ranking has led to all kinds of distorted behavior among developers, who try to pay for enough installations to reach a target ranking. Such “burst campaigns,” where a developer might spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at launch just to reach and then coast on a high ranking, have been used for years.