A Match Made in Heaven

Vice President Joe Biden‘s “best bud” Tareq Salahi is having a tough time.  His wife, Michaele, fled the DC area and left him for Neal Schon, the guitar player for Journey. He’s currently in the middle of a nasty divorce and let’s face it. The man is lonely. We had no idea he was THIS lonely. Access Hollywood Live’s Kit Hoover reports that she recently received an email from Tareq wanting her to help with a love connection. And not just any love connection. He has set his eyes on none other than Kate Gosselin, of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” fame.

“Is she really single?” Salahi wrote to Hoover. “Set us up if she is.” Hoover responded that she was “totally on it.” If there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s that Tareq has a “type”. Blonde, self obsessed, washed up reality TV stars.. (Watch your back, Heidi Montag). We do have to shrug and admit that if there was a better fit for Tareq, we can’t think of one better than Kate Gosselin.  Can you?