A Majority of Americans Don’t Trust the Media

A nationwide Harris Poll reports that 54% of Americans don’t trust the press.

There is also a partisan divide.

The report continues:

Partisan Attitudes towards the Media

Overall, Democrats are more likely to trust the media than Republicans, even with regard to radio. Just over half of Democrats (51%) trust radio compared to 45 percent of Republicans, and 45 percent of Democrats tend to trust Internet news and information sites compared to 40 percent of Republicans. The largest differences are for television and the press. Half of Democrats (50%) say they tend to trust television compared to three in ten (31%) Republicans. When it comes to the press in general, a plurality of Democrats (43%) say they tend to trust them, but only one in five (19%) of Republicans say the same.

Republicans trust the news LESS than Democrats?!

We guess for Republicans – no news is good news.