A Look Inside Droog’s Newly Opened Retail Space

As we reported earlier this month, Droog, the famous Dutch design collective, had announced that it would soon be opening the doors to its first retail spot in New York, in SoHo. Well, those doors did indeed swing open just yesterday and our friends at PSFK were able to pop in, take a whole slew of photos, and put together a great little write-up about their experience in what is perhaps the city’s most unique shop. If you get the chance, and you will after seeing the photos, make sure you make the trip over as soon as you can. We know we will be, if just for this:

The store interior was planned by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey who also contributed the feature item for sale. Known as the ‘house of blue,’ Jurgen and his studio created a sectional blue house inside the store. The house serves as a backdrop for Droog products and a decor experience visitors can walk through. Instead of being a static interior, all the parts of the house can be detached and bought separately as if they were pieces of furniture.