Looking Back at Apps Affected by Facebook’s Recent Policy Enforcements

In the past month, many major application developers have been on the receiving end of policy enforcement measures handed down by Facebook. Here’s an update the current status of each application, including a look at the traffic repercussions of the measures taken.

Top Friends (Slide)

On June 26th, Top Friends was the first major app to disappear completely from the Facebook platform. The application was allegedly punished for violating the TOS by allowing access to non-friends’ personal information.

On July 5th, Top Friends resurfaced on the platform. Before the punishment, Top Friends users could use their profile box as a means to quickly access their friends’ profiles that they visited often. To bring the application in compliance with the TOS, this functionality was eliminated – now, clicking a “top friend” directs to that user’s Top Friends profile within the application.

Despite this loss of functionality and the long outage, Top Friends traffic has rebounded impressively.

Social Me and Compare Hotness (SocialHi.com)

July 1st, Social Me, a top 25 Facebook app, also disappeared from the platform. Compare Hotness, another SocialHi app, was also temporarily disabled.

An outpouring of support was seen for the Social Me app, even in the comments on this blog. On July 15th Social Me made its triumphant return to the platform, only to disappear again temporarily.

The app has now been available since the 16th, but has yet to recover its pre-July traffic levels.

Super Wall (RockYou!)

On July 6th, Super Wall’s traffic decreased rapidly. RockYou’s CTO and co-founder Jia Shen confirmed in an email that the app’s viral channels had been turned off for what he considered “slightly debatable” policy reasons.

Yesterday, Nick O’Neill interviewed Shen, who confirmed that Super Wall’s access to viral channels was back. It remains to be seen whether or not Super Wall can return to its position as the largest Facebook application.

(charts by Adonomics)