A Look at Abbott Miller’s Everybody Dance Exhibition

Back in mid-February, you might recall that we talked about Pentagram‘s Abbott Miller working with photographer Martin Parr on a book entitled Everybody Dance Now which featured Parr’s work capturing dancers dancing over more than 35 years and across the world. Miller apparently want to keep his tap shoes on a bit longer, as our friends over at Pentagram let us know about his work in designing a similarly-titled, newly opened exhibition over at the AIGA‘s National Design Center, Everybody Dance Now: 20 Years of Dancing in Print, which looks back at the past decades of Patsy Tarr‘s performance magazines Dance Ink and 2wice. If you can’t make it over to catch the show in person, there’s a whole slew of scans on their blog, as well as a few details about “Lord of the Dance” Miller’s work creating the retrospective. Well worth a look.