A Long Weekend Ahead as the Met Announces Plans to Stay Open Until Midnight to Capture ‘Alexander McQueen’ Crowd

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art really, really, really wants you to come see their popular “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” exhibition before it closes next weekend. Accounting for a large chunk of the museum’s record-setting attendance levels, when we wrote a couple of weeks back that, for the third time since the exhibition opened in May, it was extending its hours, we warned you that this would be the last chance you’d get to see it. However, we were smart to add a little extra at the end: “Or until they extend it again.” And, of course, that they have. For the first time in the Met’s history, they plan to leave an exhibition open until midnight. You’ll have only those last two days, August 6th and 7th, to attend the show that late, as they haven’t yet decided to go all “Body Worlds 2 is closing, so we’re leaving the museum open for 24 hours” yet, but given the recent past, anything is possible. Here’s a bit from Met director Thomas Campbell:

“We have created these late hours to satisfy the unprecedented interest in this landmark retrospective. Visitors from across the globe have come to see this remarkable exhibition, and we want to keep it open for as many people as possible. Indeed, these midnight hours will mark a fitting conclusion to this powerful exploration of McQueen’s work.”