A Local Bookstore Struggles To Stay Alive

169eqb.jpgMax Wheeler, part owner of Equator Books, recently made the case for saving the troubled Venice bookstore on The Huffington Post. Equator carries a unique inventory- rare and out-of-print literature, with a focus on art, architecture, design, and poetry. They also have specialty categories that include Prostitution & Call Girls, Black Studies, Circus Freaks & Bullfighting, and Drugs & Crime. There’s not another bookseller in town- any town- quite like it. From Wheeler:

Our store has a direct and dynamic relationship with our community and the people in it, something that cannot be replicated by the impersonal corporate behemoth. Ask Brentwood how they’ve benefited from the closing of Dutton’s. To look at the news and listen to the promises you would think that businesses like ours were the ones that the government was eager to support, but almost all attempts at securing capital, whether through donation or loan has been met with either a frosty incredulity or derisive mirth.

There must be a believer out there, one with both the foresight and resources to keep our city from becoming a wasteland of corporate chain stores, uninspired conformity and heartless mediocrity, and we think saving Equator Books would be a very good place to start.

Found via LAist