A Little Tin Box or the Impetus For Another Angry Round?

We foresee this becoming both a) more fodder for the growing “anti-design-competitions” camps and b) something popular for those who don’t mind putting something together for a few extra bucks. Since we’ve been reading about everything, like we’re sure the lot of you have, we’ve become entirely hardened toward these things. This time around it’s Fossil, the watch company, who just announced at today’s opening of the HOW Conference, that they’re kicking off this big design contest to put together a watch tin for them. It’s called “What’s Your Tinspiration?” (the title of which we will leave completely alone because, hey, even a lousy copywriter is a person too, right?) The prize? A thousand bucks and your work makes it on a tin they’ll be selling their watches in. To this writer, that seems like an amount ripe for the picking-apart. Insulting? We’re not putting words into any mouths here, but we’re guessing they usually pay their designers a little more than that. But take from it what you will. And if you’re up for the contest, that’s cool too. We’re not here to judge. Well, yes, we are, but not right now. Or at least for the next couple of minutes, until the booze kicks in.