A little public service announcement here…

David Gruder, a psychologist and Integrity Educator is looking for at least 30 journalists to complete his just-released Politician Integrity Rating Tool regarding each of the three leading contenders for president of the United States.

Journalists qualifying to participate meet two criteria: 1) One of their primary focus areas is the 2008 United States presidential election; and 2) They are willing and able to respond to the questions as objective journalists rather than partisan supporters.

The PIRT contains ten questions, each of which is answered using a rating scale and takes approximately ten minutes to complete. Participating journalists will have the option of receiving their own individual ratings but no rater’s individual ratings will be released to other raters, to the public or to anyone else.

When he releases the composite results, the names and organizational affiliations of the participating journalists will be listed along with each candidate’s average Politician Integrity Score and each candidate’s average score for each the ten dimensions of political integrity the PIRT evaluates.

If interested, email info@TheNewIQ.com