A Little Early Afternoon Saville Goes a Long Way


We like when we get to hear from Peter Saville because, well, we like Peter Saville. This time around, the big shot designer who worked for Factory Records, making all those albums you bought in the 1980s and creating things you and your pals would be admiring for years to come, showed up in an interview with the Scotsman newspaper (which we learned about by way of Eightface). It’s an interesting piece, once you get to the first half which is mostly backstory that you probably already know. In the second half, he starts talking and that’s when it starts getting interesting. Here’s a bit:

Malcolm [Garrett] and I would sit at art college in Manchester looking at books on the Bauhaus and, staring at Market Street, we’d wonder what the f*** had gone wrong. We’d look at packaging and signs, and we’d see how brilliant it could be, and it wasn’t and it upset us. We found reality shabby. And although we couldn’t change the world from the top down – we weren’t invited to redecorate Downing Street! – we did get invited to do record sleeves. And we realised we could make a difference.”