A Lesson in Marketing from Downton Abbey Wine

The wines named for 50 Shades of Grey and Downton Abbey are (relatively) old news in the blog world—you may have seen something about them in your twitter feed earlier this month. But today we learned that those two lines are produced by the same company, which led us to a groundbreaking conclusion:

You can slap a popular name on anything and pitch it.

For some reason, we’d like to believe that’s not the case—but it clearly is.

Ron Roy founded Wines That Rock in 2009 to combine two tastes that taste old and classy together: baby boomers who took their last trip years ago and mid-market wine, or one of the few guilt-free vices they can still enjoy. He started by creating reds and whites named for Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead and the Rolling Stones, so a partnership with Grey author E.L. James was a natural fit: same target audience, same basic premise.

The fact is, far more people will pay attention to your pitch if they see the name of a favorite pop culture property in the subject line—as long as the connection is legitimate and appropriate for the party you’re pitching.

Make of this what you will.

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