A.J. Daulerio Named EIC of Gawker, Tommy Craggs EIC of Deadspin

Nick Denton just tweeted some big news: A.J. Daulerio has been named the Editor-in-Chief of Gawker, and Tommy Craggs will be succeeding Daulerio as Editor-in-Chief of Deadspin. There is no word as of now what the future holds for Remy Stern, the current Editor-in-Chief of Gawker.

We’ve reached out to Denton, Daulerio and Stern for comment. We’ll update as we learn more.

According to the New York Times, Denton said that Stern will remain at Gawker Media as a consultant, and Daulerio was moved to Gawker to help grow the site. “We need to release the full potential of the site’s excellent roster of writers — and fill out the team with new hires,” wrote Denton in an internal memo. “A.J. has proven himself as both developer and recruiter of editorial talent. That’s what the site needs right now. Hence the switch.”

Stern emailed us the following statement:

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed editing Gawker.com these past 18 months. It’s been a great run. When I started, Gawker was generating less than 30 million pageviews a month. Last month, we hit an all-time high of 102 million pageviews. I’m really proud of the work we’ve done since I came on board in early 2010 and I’m thankful to Nick for giving me the opportunity. But I’m also excited about making a change and trimming back on my 18-hour workdays. For now, I’ll be consulting for Gawker as well as taking a well-deserved vacation.”