A Huffington Post Marketing Idea

How about one of those 365 day tear-off desk calendars, but with a trite and pompous HuPo blog entry on it instead of a silly cartoon of a cat or wacky word definition? A good one for today would be Cable Neuhaus’s long-winded, trite and only semi-accurate description of Hollywood:

Let’s turn to the city where anonymous sourcing operates at a much higher plane — Hollywood. Now, that’s my kinda town.

The entertainment industry functions not so much in a parallel universe, but rather in a sort of make-believe universe. It is in the business of devising fantasies, and so, to large extent, it believes in them. Real life? That’s somewhere else, somewhere nearer Cleveland.

Which is another way of saying that you can flat-out lie in Hollywood and it’s okay. Actually, it’s more than okay. It’s … expected. It’s the currency that sparks the buzz that drives the deals that propels the egos who run the biz. You can lie frequently and with utter impunity in the Hollywood community and still be regarded as a statesperson. (It helps, though, if you favor Armani, Zegna, and Range Rovers.)


Let’s just say that the day the head of one talent agency tips his cap to the head of a crosstown rival is the day CSI Miami’s David Caruso takes home a Primetime Emmy for Best Actor. That kind of thing doesn’t happen because the rivalries are too fierce, the financial stakes too large. Hollywood is a beautiful town in which beats a diseased heart.

By the way, here’s an agent tipping his hat to a crosstown rival on the record. But I don’t mean to nitpick. What I mean is, if you’re going to write about Hollywood culture, come up with something to say that everyone hasn’t heard six thousand times. Armani? Range Rovers? Apparently Neuhaus has seen ‘The Player.’ I thank him for his insight.