A Hucka Bunch of Swag

It’s sad when your t-shirt is funnier than you are.
Mike Huckabee‘s Iowa campaign manager Eric Woolson sent out an email blast hocking deeply discounted tees.

From The Caucus Blog at NY Times:

It comes as no surprise to most of you who know me: My office is a mess. The problem is, it’s my company office, not a campaign headquarters, and that big stack of “Huckabee for President” T-shirts is one reason why. So, to make sure we find good homes for all those shirts in short order – and my office space gets back to normal – we’re having a blowout sale this week only.

All “Huckabee for President” T-shirts in my office are now just $5 plus $1 for postage and handling. (You can’t even buy two gallons of gasoline for that price – and think how much longer this wonderful souvenir of Governor Huckabee’s campaign will last.)

He continues:

Members of the media: I have a SPECIAL OFFER for you! All shirts are just $35.00, $7.50 postage and handling. Just kidding! You receive the SAME GREAT DISCOUNT as everybody else. I know you can’t wear one in public, no matter how good your heart is – and I know you all have very, very good hearts. But you will want one of these high-quality, comfortable white 100-percent cotton T’s with that familiar campaign logo you know and love as a cherished keepsake of your time covering the the campaign you loved best.

To be fair, Huckabee’s entire campaign was a discount bargain. He raised the same amount of money as Joe Biden and stayed in longer than Mitt Romney.

This was, after all, a guy that while governor lived in a mobile home. Using the quip “It’s not a trailer. It’s a triple wide.”