A Head-Scratcher: Politico Now Breaks Sports News?

Readers were scratching their heads this weekend as a Breaking News Alert came in from Politico. This is usually the sign that something important has happened — like Amie Parnes caught first lady Michelle Obama dancing naked, eating french fries and playing hopscotch with Bo on the White House lawn or wait a second, Derek Jeter has broken a big, important sports record.

Here’s the alert readers saw Saturday afternoon:

Derek Jeter homers for his 3,000th hit, making him the first player to reach the mark with the New York Yankees. Jeter becomes the 28th Major League player to get 3,000 hits, the 11th to do it with one team, and the second to do it with a home run.

Reaction came in fast. “WTF?” one reporter wrote.

Another writer wasn’t so kind: “Are you fucking kidding me? This is an alert ESPN should send out. Ridiculous.”

More reaction: Possible future Politico Breaking News Alerts:

  • The Philadelphia Phillies, representing the purple state of Pennsylvania, have won the World Series!
  • The Chicago Bears, President Obama’s favorite team, have won the Super Bowl!
  • David Smith, who once considered running for city council in Newark, has won New Jersey’s ping pong championship!