A Guide For the Perplexed

nicoleguide.jpgLet’s take a step back and look at this thing for a minute. This new LA.com feature that tells us where in Los Angeles one can spot (or has spotted) celebrities acting like celebrities.

Nicole Richie was at Dan Tana’s? Hyde? Kitson? We could have written this list with our eyes closed (in fact, we just did — gotta give us props for our mad typing skillz).

Each hotspot entry comes chock full of tabloid blurbs about Richie’s antics: She slipped a pair of kids’ knickers over her jeans at Guy’s! She passed out at Hyde! She skipped out of Dan Tana’s hand-in-hand with Paris!

And, if this is your thing, then great. But we take issue with calling this list a “guide.” A guide offers direction, purpose, help. This offers a link to Richie French-kissing Mischa Barton’s dog.

A better headline for this piece would have been: Warning! If You Go to One of These Places, You Might Have See Nicole Richie.

Calling it anything else is, well, misguided.