A Great Way To Prove You’re A Die Hard Madonna Fan


So, because this writer is so exhausted from shooting another series of spots the past couple of days, let’s try to avoid running into outright gibberish and have some short, sweet, quick fun with the posts today. First on the list is from Nodar Kancheli, the Russian architect responsible for designing the Transvall Water Park that collapsed and killed twenty-eight people a couple years back, who announced this week that, if you go to the Madonna concert on the 12th at the Luzhniki Stadium, which he also helped design, there’s a chance you could die. How’s that for getting some bad luck just as your tour heads into town? “What are the locals saying about our concert?” asks Madonna. “Well, they’re kinda worried that they’ll be crushed when the roof falls on them.” Here’s the reason:

He warned that the concert might be too loud for the building to withstand the vibrations. He said: “The stadium could collapse if audio frequency resonates with the vibration frequency of the building. The sound waves could damage the structure.”