A Funny Way to Give Props to Politico Reporters

This is the kind of thing that’s only going to get better with time.

Starting back in November, Politico began an undercover employee recognition program that consists of an internal memo that gives “props”.  And while almost everyone and their brother can be individually mentioned, the people responsible for keeping the site running gets mentioned en mass (those geeks they affectionately call “the POLITICO web team”). In other words, this is a way to thank people who are not in the top tier of Politico‘s clutches and who, in many cases, you’ve never heard of ever.

Our absolute favorite props: “Several anonymous sources have also given props to Adam Mowder and Andy Glass for always changing the heavy water bottles in the back of the newsroom on a regular basis, that is no easy feat!” (According to intricate FishbowlDC research, those water bottles weigh approximately 3/4 of Glass’s entire body weight.)

Just before Christmas, management sent out an official “Props to POLITICOS” email to staff. “Props to POLITICO’s is off to a great start,” whoever is honcho-ing this operation began on a ringing note of enthusiasm. “We received several nominations the first two months and cannot wait to see what next month brings!  Keep the props coming and send your notes to propsPoliticos@politico.com.”

We changed the above email slightly as to not destroy the entire “props” operation before it even gets off the ground. But you’ve twisted our arms. We’ll highlight the rest of our favorites for November and December…

Straight from the “Props” memo…

  • “Props to Maggie Chan, who is a very nimble copy editor. She is lightning fast and amazingly accurate at all her fixes and improvements to copy. She has an eye for detail and not much gets past her. She is able to do her job, making our high-pressure deadlines much more survivable. She helps “Get ‘er Done” every night.”
  • The POLITICO web team received a shout out for their work on election day and an extra special Props to Dianna Heitz for her web editing skills that night!  Vivyan Tran also received props for her maintenance of the dry erase board on election night which was incredibly useful for her team and others passing by!