A Fun Name to Repeatedly Type


Was browsing around, jumping from place to place last night and happened across this big batch of interesting all surrounding Erik Spiekermann, bigshot designer guy. First, it was this terrific interview by Magnet Studios, in which Spiekermann talks about his company, MetaDesign, how they deal with clients, comes up with ideas, and everything in between. Next, went over to Speikermann’s site, which has loads of great discussions about type. Really worth reading (and great if you only speak German, as he posts in both languages — but if that’s the case, why are you reading this site?) Then, from there, it was to see what MetaDesign had been up to lately. Pretty site. Nothing particularly new going on, but worth a visit. Then, finally, over to this really interesting bit about how their design team came up with the Adobe CS branding. It’s one of those things you’d probably never think too look up yourself, but when you find it, you think, “Hey, wow. This is terrific!” So there you go.