A Freelancer’s Guide To Money

Writer/designer/photographer Jeremiah Tolbert bares all in his story of how he went from miserable working stiff to happy freelancer.
The funny thing is, he was more stressed about money when he had a “real” job.
“We were the def­i­n­i­tion of liv­ing from pay­check to pay­check, even though we were doing fine…I was ter­ri­fied of los­ing what I had. Afraid that we would end up bank­rupt and by all rights, we prob­a­bly should have. I’d seen my father weather bank­ruptcy as a kid, and in my mind it was basi­cally flunk­ing adult­hood. It kept me up at nights sometimes, and I devel­oped panic attacks now and then.”
Then what? He was laid off, twice in a year, and finally realized that for him, the “safety net” of a “real job” was actually making things worse. Went freelance full-time, stopped applying for jobs, and is happier than he’s ever been, he says.
“My busi­ness is the most reli­able source of work I’ve ever had, thus far. I don’t think I want to go back to that other world ever again,” he writes.
Obviously, this is one dude’s opinion, and many, many people still prefer the 9-5. But if you’d been thinking about freelancing, this post is worth a read.