A Foxy Affair


The windows of Cafe Milano were sealed over with Fox News Sunday posters. There were Fox News Sunday cigars, Fox News Sunday napkins and Fox News Sunday candle holders (seriously). Hell, there were even search lights, in case, you know, Batman might want to stop by (he is, after all, fair and balanced when it comes to crime).

Yes, even on Prom Week, when the VIP circuit is already overheated, Fox News Sunday managed to pull off a stellar and star-studded event last night to toast the 10 year anniverary of Fox News Sunday.

Or as Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace called it: “Tony Snow’s going away party.”

As we mentioned earlier, the room was abuzz with chatter that sounded something like this (okay, just like this): “What the hell is Hillary doing here?”

Loads of photos and notes below:

Security was enormously tight entering the venue no doubt to make way for this man, who was kind enough not to scatter me with bird shot:

So tight was security that they even turned away a few guests’ “plus ones” at the door.

Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch delivered some opening remarks, letting listeners know that “this is the 55 month in a row that we’ve beat CNN” and asking “does anyone even watch MSNBC anymore?”

Guests included Hillary Clinton, Mike Wallace, Vernon Jordan, Mike Allen, Paul Bedard, Shepard Smith, Sen. Bill Frist, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Josh Bolten, Ben Nelson, Bill O’Reilly, John McCain, Terry McAuliffe, Elaine Chao, Karen Feld, Bill Hemmer, Gen. Richard Myers, Andrea Mitchell, Lindsey Graham, Greta van Susteren, Betsy Rothstein, Ana Marie Cox, Major Garrett, Tony Snow, Anne Schroeder, Newt Gingrich, Karen Finney, Howard Fineman and Jack Valenti.

There were so many Foxies there, more than a few asked “Did you guys shut down the network tonight?” The flat screen TVs all around the venue featured a “best of” collage from Fox News.

Tall guy Bill O’Reilly (seen below with Washington Times National Reporter Stephanie Mansfield) managed to spend most of the night hiding in the back room, hovering over his plate of food and looking as if Washington, D.C. was the last place he wanted to be.

Newly annointed White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten:

Newly annointed White House Press Secretary Tony Snow:

Washington Examiner’s Karen Feld and The Hill Newspaper’s Jackie Kucinich (oh and Campari…)

Brit Hume, full:

Roxanne Roberts, hungry:

And Hillary:

(with Gen. Richard Myers)

(with Chris Wallace, obstructed)