A Follow-Up on How Damien Hirst Got Into Music Video Art Direction


An update to our post yesterday about Damien Hirst art directing Tony Kaye‘s music video from the band The Hours thanks to the Guardian who explains how it all came about, connecting these three artistic outlets (four, if you include actress Sienna Miller). Turns out it’s a case of everyone being good pals with one another and decided that it was time to work together in creating this weird batch of weirdness. Here’s the main connection:

Hirst has said he first met the band’s singer, Antony Genn, at Glastonbury in the mid-1990s, when Genn, a long-time indie darling who once appeared on stage naked with the band Elastica, was “dressed as George Best, in a football kit and holding a ball and a bottle of vodka”. Genn has found a good friend in Hirst — the artist not only contributed artwork to their first record, 2001’s Narcissus Road, and to their forthcoming EP, also titled See the Light, but has founded a record label, Is Good, to promote their music.

We now desperately want a t-shirt that says “I appeared naked with the band Elastica and all I got was this lousy t-shirt — not a lifelong friendship with Damien Hirst, which is what I actually wanted to get out of the experience.” Yeah, before you ask, it’ll have to be small print or a really big shirt.