A FishbowlLA contest: Write your own Variety pun

From today’s Variety Headline News email:

‘Chicken’ hot with $40 mil
Walt Disney watched its first inhouse CGI toon “Chicken Little” open stronger than expected, clucking up $40.1 million from 3,654 theaters.

We’re sure our media-savvy readership can come up with better chicken puns than that. Like ”Chicken’ Soup for the Box Office’ or ‘Disney Has Eggs in a Row With ‘Chicken”. Well, maybe not that last one. I haven’t had any coffee yet because the line at Starbucks is really, really long. Anyway, send your entry here. They’ll be judged by a panel comprised of ex-Variety staffers and whoever happens to be in the Koo Koo Roo across the street from the Variety offices around lunchtime.