A FishbowlDC Salute to The Hill‘s Jared Allen

Riddle Me This? How did The Hill manage to get a story about The Hill wrong… er, incomplete?

The Hill receives nine journalism awards
By The Hill Staff
Posted: 06/10/09

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) presented The Hill newspaper with nine journalism awards at the National Press Club on Tuesday night.

The Hill’s Roxana Tiron received first place in the weekly category of business/financial reporting with her article on how Boeing and its congressional supporters used a classified CIA briefing on questionable business practices to discredit a rival.

The Hill’s Kevin Bogardus, who received three awards, nabbed first place in the spot news category for his article on the indictment of former Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska). Bogardus and Business and Lobbying Editor Jim Snyder won first place in the general news category for their report titled, “Bailout Hurts Charities.”

Others at The Hill who were honored for their 2008 articles included Alexander Bolton, Bob Cusack, Jeffrey Young and Sam Youngman.

In 2008, The Hill also received nine SPJ awards.

Okay, let’s tally.

Tiron – 1 award
Bogardus – 2 awards
Bogardus/Snyder – 1 award
Cusack – 1 award
Bolton – 1 award
Young – 1 award
Youngman – 1 award
Total = 8

The headline claiming “nine awards” is accurate however, The Hill managed to overlook their own Jared Allen in the coverage.

That’s why today, FishbowlDC salutes Jared Allen! Jared, you may not be feelin’ the love at work but there’s always a place for you in the fishbowl. We suggest that Hugo and Bob begin planning a cupcake party in your honor.

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