A Fine General


If you’re a pal of mine, you know I go a little nutty for production and motion graphics folk. I can’t remember my mother’s middle name, but I can usually tell you, or give a good guess, as to what production house worked on what. I was ecstatic when, for Jewelboxing over at Coudal, I did interviews with Eyeball NYC, 2000 Strong, and Raphael Macho, formerly of Imaginary Forces. So whenever I come across somebody new that hasn’t crossed my radar, I’m always thrilled to watch everything they’ve got. That said, I’d seen Masayoshi Nakamura’s music vid for Earlimart’s Elliot Smith tribute song, “Heaven Adores You,” but for some reason never followed up on who had put it together. But no longer! A freelance designer now, he’s also worked for MTV doing show packages and for Palm Pictures and Click 3X. Make sure you check out his drawings, his other motion graphics work, and his print. Some brilliant stuff.