A Few More (Cultural) Degrees, Kelvingrove


If, like many of us, you have free round-trip tickets to Scotland and were just waiting for the opportunity to use them, maybe you can take some time off early next week and hit up the big re-opening of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. Three years in the re-making, and thirty million bucks later, the place is finally opening up again on July 11th. And their site has a cornucopia of information about its rebirth (and we don’t just throw around “cornucopia” all the time, you know), from lots of written info about how they did what, photos that help illustrate, and even those video tour things that are popular among the real estate people. In short, great architectural fun. Oh, and also, here’s the info we dug up on Fitch, the company who was hired to do the whole re-branding process for the museum (the new “look” is in the image above).