A Farewell Toast to Examiner’s Palmeri

Jenkins, Palmeri, and Kathleen Jenkins

Palmeri and McFly

Brown, Palmeri and Kownacki
On Friday night, a gaggle of journos, media and pr types convened at L2 Lounge in the Georgetown for a farewell gathering for one-half of the Washington Examiner’s gossip duo, Tara Palmeri. As many know, Palmeri is headed for Manhattan where she’ll work for NYP‘s Page 6.
The bar was low-lit and hipsterish full of, for some reason, overly drunken women. They weren’t all tied to Palmeri’s going away fest, but as the night wore on, they wove and bobbed in and out of Palmeri’s party space.
Palmeri was well behaved, though many wanted to buy her cocktails. In the crowd were Nikki Schwab (the other half of Yeas & Nays), their intern, Jesse McLean and the Associate Editor of Commentary J.P. Freire. FNC’s TV and Radio personality Griff Jenkins and his wife, Kathleen, came to wish Palmeri well. Also in the mix (pardon the pun) was MIX 107.3 FM’s DJ Tommy McFly, Quinn & Gillespie’s Chris Brown, blogger and PR rep Janet Donovan, TWT contributor Emily Miller, Brendan Kownacki and PR maven Wendy Gordon, president, Hisaoka Communications.
Throughout the evening, rumors flew on who might succeed Palmeri. Some said the paper’s editors had already determined who it would be. Some who wanted it and didn’t get it clearly knew as much. But not even Schwab and Palmeri would cop to knowing who it was.
Some partygoers remarked on Palmeri’s often spicy reporting style that included a good number of public arguments, a couple of Sean Penn run-ins, at least one firing and a plethora of Salahi reportage. Others advised Palmeri on her upcoming gig in New York. “I think it’s good to be a little nervous going into something new,” she remarked.