A Farewell to PRNewser

Some bittersweet news to announce: After nearly two years as editor of PRNewser, Friday will be my last day with Mediabistro. I’ve had an amazing time meeting with members of the PR industry, attending the tons (and tons and tons) of events that have been hosted, and writing about all of the many (many, many) happenings, twists, and turns that have become the everyday parts of a PR pro’s life.

I’ll be moving on to a new site starting Monday (visit me on Twitter for more info about that) but our stable of writers — Liz Mitchell, Jim Thompson, Nancy Lazarus — will continue to bring you the news you can use. Please keep sending your pitches and announcements to PRNewser@Mediabistro.com. And if you’re not already getting it, sign up for our daily newsletter in the upper right boxes of our homepage. Don’t miss a thing!

Thank you readers for showing up each day, giving your feedback, and sharing our stories. Once again it has truly been a pleasure.

And if you or someone you know is in the job market, here’s a description of what I do every day when I’m not watching cat videos and listening to Pandora. You can also see where you’d be sitting in the video below. Yes, that’s me, pretending Adam Richman isn’t making a delicious sandwich just a few feet away.