A Facebook Application Launches on Android

-fBook Android Screenshot-Last month we wrote that there won’t be any Facebook Android application coming anytime soon. The reason is that the company has put no resources toward developing on the new mobile platform that was pushed out by Google. Well, for those Android users that want to use Facebook but have an Android phone, Next Mobile Web has put out an application called fBook.

The application is essentially a Android wrapper for the iPhone version of the site. It also has the ability to upload pictures and send you alerts every time you receive new messages and status updates. Best of all, the application can run in the background on the phone, which means you can get alerts even while the application isn’t loaded, a feature which is foreign to the iPhone.

While Facebook continues to protest the Android platform, these entrepreneurial developers have taken the liberty of providing Android users with an application that many were waiting for. Additionally, if you were waiting to buy an Android compatible phone until a Facebook application launched, your time has arrived.

Then again, there are still a few bugs on the application. As the developers of the application point out, “Facebook expires your session when you are logged into too many places.” In other words if you are on your desktop, on an instant messenger client, and logged in on your phone, there’s a good chance you’ll be logged out elsewhere.

Nobody that I know of has come up with a resolution for this problem yet and that may be one of the hurdles for developing external Facebook applications that rely on sessions. While these developers try to figure out a workaround, Facebook should work on developing an official Facebook Android application. There’s no excuse to avoid the platform.