A Duck, A Web Designer And Justin Bieber: The Top #DickBar Jokes

#Dickbar is making its way onto, well, the actual Dickbar. Amid the confused users asking “What is this Dickbar?” (and thinking they’d like to stop by for a drink) are those reacting with vitriol at the latest addition to Twitter’s iOS apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. The bar (officially a “Quick Bar”) displays the latest trending topics (along with Promoted trends). The trending hashtag is named in honor of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo (though the entendre is clearly intended).

Tech writer John Gruber coined the term that has become a rallying cry for Twitter users disgusted with Costolo’s refusal to allow the feature to be turned off. And not only is it pretty much the perfect expression of what people find wrong with the new swipe bar, but it’s highly adaptable, as these tweets make clear.

In his original tweet, Gruber suggested a way users could rid themselves of the “Dick-Bar”:

But his follow up faux RT really got to the point:

Lots of people joined in …

And in many languages:

Then there were enough permutations on classic dick jokes to make Sarah Silverman proud (even NSFW visual representations):

But sometimes the most biting didn’t have the #DickBar hashtag at all:

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