A Dozen Days of Donald Trump Holiday Gift Guide

Red, white, blue and gold-trimmed shopping selections.

Twelve Days of ChristmasAre you perplexed about what to give your colleagues, clients, friends or family members for the holidays, and also mystified by Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy? Here’s a way to solve both challenges simultaneously: 12 Trump-themed products for gifting.

Trump’s ubiquity is one undeniable aspect of his political bid. His name and face crop up everywhere, beyond the campaign rallies and TV appearances. He entered the race with a well established brand name, as an author of multiple books, star of a popular reality TV show, with his own menswear line, high profile buildings, hotels, golf courses and licensing deals.

Now fans and foes alike have used his likeness on an array of specialty products. So this year, skip the traditional 12 Christmas gifts: the partridge in a pear tree, turtle doves, French hens, calling birds, gold rings, geese a-laying, swans a-swimming, maids a-milking, ladies dancing, lords a-leaping, pipers piping and drummers drumming. They’re too expensive now, anyway.

Check out these 12 Trump-related items instead: they’re unique gifts associated with a controversial, unorthodox candidate who’s likely to stick around well past Christmas.

1. El Toque de Midas (The Midas Touch) book:

Even on a late summer trip to Northern Spain, which was shaping up to be a Trump-free vacation, the Spanish language version of one of his books appeared in a bookstore window.

Trump Book Midas Touch

2. Presidential CANdidate sculpture:

It’s part of the annual Canstruction exhibit and design contest that was on view in November at Manhattan’s Brookfield Place. This Trump piece was created from approximately 1,500 donated cans of tuna fish. Check back with the site later to see if Trump won this race.

Trump Canstruction Sculpture

3. Trump-endorsed dinnerware:

This sale sign appeared at Fishs Eddy, a store near New York’s Union Square that sells lots of kitchenware, some with vintage hotel logos. Trump’s presence on the poster likely helped them with their best sale ever.

Trump Huge Sale Sign Fishs Eddy

4. Make America Great Again cap:

The hat from the campaign, with matching T-shirt also comes in red, which Trump himself has been sporting at rallies nationwide.

Trump America Hat White Gold Trim

5. Gold-trimmed iPhone 6S and Beats headphones:

There’s a ringtone in The Donald’s voice: “You never call me on your cell phone!” from his recent SNL skit, where he made a cameo appearance in Drake’s Hotline Bling video.

Trump iPhone Headphone Gold

6. Hair conditioner – Goldwell Kerasilk:

No outsider has a clue how Trump styles his hair or the products he uses. This conditioner has the name gold in it and the fine print says “rich care”. (Using the product before wearing the campaign cap or headphones helps to avoid hat hair.)

Trump Goldwell Kerasilk Hair Product

7. Golf club cover with Trump family crest:

This is available at the Trump store in the lobby of Trump Tower, naturally. It will undoubtedly help golfers enjoy their best golf swings ever.

Trump Golf Club Cover

8. Starbucks cup with The Donald’s mug:

To many customers’ chagrin, the coffee chain decided to keep its red holiday cups but do away with any Christmas motif this year. So we added Trump’s mug for Yuletide cheer. They’re two big brand names briefly joining forces for the holidays.

Trump Starbucks Cup Cropped

9. Great Wall of China jigsaw puzzle:

This mini puzzle, available on Amazon, contains 1,000 pieces and has claimed the Guinness Book of World Records’ title for the smallest puzzle. Help piece this truly great wall back together.

Trump Great Wall of China Jigsaw Puzzle

10. Matching vest and aviator shades:

Trump’s tweets and comments from the podium don’t leave fellow candidates or the media feeling warm and fuzzy, but this fleece vest with gold zippers will.

Trump Fuzzy Vest

To be worn with red-trimmed aviator shades for those wanting to go incognito. (vest: JCrew.com; glasses: 31philliplim.com)