A Dog-Gone Shame: Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Crashes in the Snow

Don't hot dog on the roads, kids.

My bologna has a first name…but don’t text it to anyone or THIS will happen.

Regretfully, Mother Nature doesn’t care whose feelings she hurts, including pop-culture icons like Mr. Oscar Mayer and his beloved Wienermobile.

According to AP via USA Today, the giant hot dog’s wheels slid off a road in Enola, near Harrisburg. No one was hurt but, as a reporter from WHP-TV (CBS-21) in Harrisburg, Penn. shared (and tweeted), “Pretty much every car that drives by is taking a picture.”

That includes Oscar Mayer, which tried to beat Twitter to the punch…

Touche and all, but this is Twitter — where everyone’s bark is far worse than their bite.