A Documentary About Twitter, Staffed By Twitter Users, And Crowdsourced On Twitter

If you thought we were tweet-obsessed here at AllTwitter, check out the makers of Twittamentary, a documentary about Twitter. Not only are the interested in looking at what makes Twitter users tick, they’ve staffed their film crew via Twitter, chose stories via feedback on Twitter, and, obviously, will be promoting their finished film on Twitter.

Yes, it’s a Twitter fan-boy or -girl’s dream: hours of people talking about what they love (and hate) about expressing themselves in 140 characters.

Twittamentary is a documentary film project about everyday people using Twitter. But it’s not just a documentary. In fact, the creators might just usher in an entirely new genre of film altogether, if it’s successful: they’re fusing a documentary with real-time social media interaction.

The director initially crowdsourced story submissions via Twitter. She then gathered a crew – who was hired via Twitter – and went across the US talking to Twitter users of all shapes and sizes: journalists, porn stars, the homeless and more.

Now, the Twittamentary is entering into beta screenings around the US and Europe… and Twitter feedback based on these screenings will be used to shape the final cut.

Twitter permeates not only the topic of this documentary, but its filming, its production, and its promotion after all is said and done.

You can check out a teaser clip from the upcoming Twittamentary below, or follow @Twittamentary on Twitter for a chance to attend a live internet screening in the coming weeks.

Via Read Write Web