A Different View Of Layoffs

This ain’t no big thing but we’re digging the Wall Street Journal’s interactive graphic showing some of the biggest layoffs in America since the recession began.

You can sort by industry, by company, or by a few other methods.

Here, we’ve sorted the layoffs chronologically. The huge yellow bar represents when Circuit City laid off 34,000—all of its workforce—in January of this year.

Put that way, everything since then is….not where a healthy economy should be, to be sure, but not as bad. In fact, there hasn’t been a mass layoff event of greater than 10k workers since March.

Too Pollyanna-ish? Possibly. Just because single companies aren’t laying off workers in droves doesn’t mean that people aren’t losing their jobs. And saying “but at least they didn’t lay off 10,000 people in one day” is kind of like saying “but at least the tumor has only spread to three-fourths of your body.”

Maybe we just like the pretty colors. They distract us from the scary, scary world.