A ‘Depraved’ Foggy Bottom

The City Paper finds a common thread in Colbert King's columns

The current edition of the City Paper’s media notes column gently teases WP Columnist Colbert I. King, explaining how the Pulitzer Prize winner often “returns to the hood” (i.e. Foggy Bottom) to make a point.

King, the Post’s deputy editorial page editor, was praised by the Pulitzer committee, which awarded him the 2003 Commentary prize, “for his against-the-grain columns that speak to people in power with ferocity and wisdom.” The City Paper’s Erik Wemple thinks, though, that King’s columns tend a bit too much toward reminiscences of growing up in a better time in a better place, so Wemple’s gone back and created an index of King’s 25 mentions of growing up in Foggy Bottom in the ‘good ole days’ before gentrification took over and ruined the neighborhood’s character.

This index entry was our favorite:

relief that husband isn’t around to see depravity of modern times, 6/20/98

Damn. Fishbowl wishes it had been around to see depravity sweep over Foggy Bottom–now when we go down there, all we can find is the State Department, the Kennedy Center, and GW. If anyone can locate Foggy Bottom’s depravity, or at least has some good stories from the roaring 1998 period, email us.