A Day in the Life of Dana Perino

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Dana Perino, part of “The Five” on Fox News. These days, her twitter feed is nothing more than one long love letter to her pooch, Jasper. Even when she’s not tweeting about Jasper, she still finds a way to crowbar him in like she did earlier this week, when she tweeted, “Was asked today by a fellow dog owner at the park what I read. He was dead serious. So I told him the truth: tweets. Lots & lots of tweets.” Yes, Dana.  We get it. You love your dog.

That message has clearly been received by fans of “The Five,” because there is an account on Twitter devoted to making photoshops of the  hosts. One common subject that seems to come up over and over again is, you guessed it, JASPER! Just take a look at that cringeworthy “movie poster” for Lincoln starring Jasper Perino.

Oh, but it gets WAY worse. 

If you thought that Lincoln photoshop was creepy, wait until you see what they did with Jasper and Five co-host Greg Gutfeld. Some sick person took Gutfeld’s head and photoshopped Jasper’s ears onto his body. As horrible as this is, it makes sense because if there’s anything Dana tweets about more than Jasper, it’s Gutfeld.

As if all this drama wasn’t enough, poor Dana was subjected to Buzzfeed’s piece that morphed cable news anchors faces onto one another. Some were funny. Some were horrifying. Buzzfeed not only chose to morph Dana and Greg’s face together, they also misspelled her name. Sorry, Dana!